SECUREPACK (Theft-proof Device for DVD box)
Highly effective Theft-Proof Device against thefts. Prevents the displayed “live” DVD box for selling or renting purposes to be opened or stolen as it makes impossible to the thieves to have access to the content of the box.
Includes Theft-proof labels which prevent the box to be stolen from the shop as the alarms will immediately go off when trying to get out of the shop with the DVD box.
Secure Pack is compatible with all the current security technologies as it can simultaneously hold several theft-proof labels: acoustomagnetic, radiofrequency or electromagnetic.
SecurePack works on the Anti-theft Comfort-Pack DVD box from Cervic. Such DVD box is a standard box fully compatible with automatic packaging machines such as H.
Developed and patented by the Cervic's R&D Department.
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The SecurePack is inserted in the Comfort-Pack Anti-theft DVD box by the retailer (steps 1 and 2). Afterwards only the retailer will be able to remove the theft-proof device from the box by means of an exclusive unblock equipment (steps 3 and 4). The theft-proof device will be re-used in a new DVD box.

The unblock equipment is protected by means of a lock to avoid its illegal use by non authorized staff.

  Re-usable: It is a long-live product thanks to its design and raw materials used.  
  Available to be used along with any of the following theft-proof technologies: acoustomagnetic, radiofrequency or electromagnetic.  
  Perfectly integrated in the box, so once it has been placed, it fills the same space as any other Standard DVD box.  
  It does not affect the esthetical appearance of the DVD box . It does not limit or affects the outer cover exposure area.  
  More effective and less expensive than the current theft-proof devices for DVD boxes.  
  Available with theft-proof labelling: acoustomagnetic, radiofrequency or electromagnetic  
  Packing details SecurePack Device: 30pcs per carton box  
  Packing details Unblock equipment: 1pcs per carton box