HUB-LOCK ( DVD Universal Inside Theft-proof Device)
Once the device has been placed inside the DVD box, as long as the box remains closed and wrapped, the protection and the disc fastening is fully guaranteed at the time the disc stays free from stress or deformations. The theft-Proof device totally avoids any illegal disc removal.
Its universality allows the device to be used in all the market major Standard DVD boxes.
Patented product.
Fully compatible with the inside booklet accommodation as it does not minimize at all the inside space.
Available in a wide range of colors
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The Hub-Lock device is useful for single boxes (1 disc), and for double (one disc on each side).

System procedure: once the disc has been placed inside the DVD box, the Hub-Lock is fitted on the central hub. When the box is afterwards closed and wrapped, the device will avoid any disc removal just in case the DVD box is not opened.

Once the end-user has removed the wrapping and opened the box, the Theft-proof device can also be removed, having then full access to the content of the DVD box.

  Made from polypropylene  
  Outside dimensions  
    · Height: 30mm  
    · Width: 30mm  
  Packing Details:  
    500 pcs per carton box.  
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