Promotional cases / Publicomfort
Promotional case.
Patented product.
It is the solely case in the market which can be customized for every single customer. Any distinguishing element such as you company's logo, brandname, etc… can be inserted in relief both inside and outside (lateral strips) of the box . The Publicomfort case will allow your products to stand from the competitors.

Should we bring to your attention the personalization is a major weapon AGAINST PIRACY as the final end user can perfectly recognize between an original product from your company and an illegal copy. Above all, it fully guarantees the “Digital hackers” will not have any access to the personalized cases.

Comfort-Pack estandar   Comfort-Pack personalizado
The Case “B” does have the same dimensions as Option A. The personalized option allows to insert in relief both inside and outside of the box any desired distinguishing element so that the case will be easily recognized.
Specially designed to hold any kind of promotional-advertising material. For example: “EUROPE Collection”. This promotion is based in a collection of rings which are placed on the right side and a inside advertising booklet placed on the left side.
Inside room for the promotional material: 185 x 120mm (please contact for height information).
Available with and without exterior film to insert an outer cover.
Available in a wide range of colors.
  Dimensions Outside Cover for OPTION A  
    · Height: 188 mm  
    · Width: 276 mm  
    Dimension inside booklet for OPTION A  
    · Height: 180 mm  
    · Width: 115 mm  
  Dimensions Outside Cover for OPTION B  
    · Height: 188 mm  
    · Width: 263 mm  
    Dimension inside booklet for OPTION B  
    · Height: 180 mm  
    · Width: 115 mm  
  Made from polypropylene  
  Outside dimensions:  
    · Height: 192 mm  
    · Width: 139 mm  
    · Thickness: 15 mm  
  Packing Details:  
    100pcs per carton box.  
Boxes can be customized by means of the Thermography or serigraphy methods in any of both sides by including your company's name, address, phone, etc… Please, ask for minimum quantities.
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