Photographic industry packaging / Pick-Up Premiem
The Pick Up Premium is a new concept packaging for the photographic industry. It has a significant capacity and features while keeping a compact and reduced design.
    · Up tu 46 pictures (size 10x15, 11x15,      13x17 or 13x19),
    · 1 CD or DVD with the digitalized pictures,
    · 1 memory card,
    · 1 Photo Index ,
    · Promotional-advertising material.
Patented product
Available in a wide range of colors
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  The box presents three novelties:
Photo size adjustment device: It includes a patented device which enables to hold different photo sizes (10x15, 11x15, 13x17 or 13x19) with 100% protection guaranteed.
Privacy seal: just once the patented privacy seal is broken the user will have access to the content of the box in such a way that the final receiver will recognize at first sight if the content has been seen by any unauthorized third party before the delivery. Therefore the breaking of this device will involve the violation of the box content privacy.
Personalization: the box can be customized by inserting in relief (both inside and outside) any distinguishing element to personalize the case.

Its versatility allows the box to be supplied with or without privacy seal, photo size adjustment device, outside sleeve, memory card room accommodation.

It includes an outside sleeve for the outer cover insertion.
Outer Cover dimensions:  
  · Height 188mm  
  · Width: 274mm  
Advantages compared with traditional cases
  A quite significant cost-saving given that a sole box replaces several boxes which are used traditionally in the industry.  
  While having a really reduced cost, the end user perceives a great added-value.  
  It offers an excellent protection during transport, and it also protects the content from external agents such as dirtiness, dust, dampness, etc.  
  The laboratory or retailer use the box to deliver the developed material to the customer, who can also use the box as an album.  
  Made from polypropylene  
  Outside dimensions:  
    · Height: 198 mm,  
    · Width: 143 mm,  
    · Thickness: 18 mm  
  Packing Details:  
    80pcs per carton box.  
Boxes can be customized by means of the Thermography or serigraphy methods in any of both sides by including your company's name, address, phone, etc. Please, ask for minimum quantities.
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