DVD packaging / Single Tray
Single additional tray or 1 disc. Designed to be added to the Comfort-Pack RD Convertible and Comfort-Pack RD Double
Patented product.
Vertically stackable
Supplied separately from the DVD boxes
Available in all colors.
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It includes a disc holding device featured with an  Anti-breaking device.  
  Made from polypropylene  
  Outside dimensions:  
    · Height: 183 mm  
    · Width: 125mm  
    · 100pcs per carton box  
  Anti-breaking system: the disc can be released either by pushing on the central hub or by pulling the disc itself . This system not only prevents the disc from being damaged but also keeps the disc completely fitted and safe inside the box. Therefore any person will be able to remove the disc from the box with no difficulties.  
Box + Additional tray fitting, available on the following Automatic packaging machines:
  H. Ilsemann